Product Care

Product Care

Prior to shipment, ALL items are ran through (2) delicate wash cycles with Seventh Generation detergent.
I have never had any issues with color fading/altering with this step. It is your choice whether you'd like to use detergent (PHOSPHATE-FREE) or not.
Please read all info below before washing your Sun-printed items.

Product Care + Washing Instructions:

Hand Wash
COLD wash on Delicate Cycle

Warm Iron/Steaming okay.

*Spot clean

╳ Bleach
╳ OxiClean
╳ Tide sticks
╳ Any type of clothing brighteners
╳ Detergents with "phosphate" on the ingredient list

*Do not put detergent directly onto garment to clean.
Spot-clean with WATER first, then throw in wash on delicate cycle if you wish to use detergent.