Send In Your Own

$15.00 - $35.00 - Sold out

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If you have white clothing items sitting in your closet that you've been wanting to give a second life ~ here is your chance!

Send in your own white garments to be printed in the next batch.

Once I receive your item(s), please allow 1-2 weeks for production.

Important things to note:
*You can send up to 3 items to print. Pricing is below.
*You pay for initial shipping, and return shipping ($4.95)
*If you are purchasing from an online source, you can ship directly to me. Mailing address will be provided after you secure your order.
*Each garment will have its own unique design and color intensity per print. Which is what makes this process so exciting! If you have any special requests for prints, please include in the notes section at checkout.
*This listing is for small-scale items (ie. Clothing, Dish Towels, Pillow Cases) If you are interested in larger-scale printing (ie. Body towels / Bedding / Mural Fabric) please inquire via email for pricing estimates:

Here is the pricing breakdown:
One item: $15
Two items: $25
Three items: $35

Most compatible fabrics:
Cotton, Linen, Silk, Rayon (Natural Fibers)
*your garment must be a (minimum) 50% blend of one of the fabrics listed above.
(Ideally as close to 100% as possible) !

COLD wash cycle.
Tumble dry low.
Do not bleach.
Warm iron/steaming okay.
If you need to use detergent, use any brand that is free of dyes/artificial brighteners/fragrances.
IF your garment collects stains, spot clean first then throw in cold wash.

Your item will be treated with two chemicals that are light-sensitive when combined.
Once the print process is complete, chemicals are non-toxic to human skin.

Prior to shipment, ALL items are ran through (2) wash cycles with fragrance free - sensitive skin - baby detergent by Seventh Generation .